How does FRENCHPROOF work?

We analyse the best way to deliver your services and products to the French-speaking target audience (Belgium, France,...). Your marketing goals wil be translated into a strong strategy that will grow your business.  We write and translate your texts into French and we adapt them for a maximum impact.  We also work on your language skills to allow you to speak with confidence with your clients.     


Consultation is always the first step.  That is why we like to take the time to discuss your needs and questions in an exploratory meeting.  That way we can offer you the solutions that really suit your company.  

Ready to conquer new markets? 

FRENCHPROOF will guide you!

Interested in knowing your current French level?

Contact us to take a language proficiency test?

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  • Advertising (written and for audio/video campaigns)

  • Copywriting website, SEO-proof (if you need new texts, we write them in Dutch and English as well!)

  • Keywords in French, to be found easily by French-speaking 

  • Press releases

  • Translation of existing advertising campaigns

  • Newsletters for your new target audience

  • Blog articles that match the interests of your customers

  • Messages and inspiring quotes for your social media channels (FB, Instagram, LinkedIn,...), but also strategy for more engagement.

  • Tailor-made texts




  • ​Translation of website (SEO proof)

  • Translation of existing texts 

  • Translation of corporate documents 

  • Translation of press releases

  • Translation of contracts

  • Translation of advertising campaigns

  • Translation of messages for social media (fast service)

  • Translation of newsletters

  • Translation of blog articles

  • Revision of all types of texts

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  • French language lessons (tailor-made)

  • Training participate in meeting in French

  • Training negotiation in French

  • Training professional email writing in French

  • Training networking in French

  • Vocabulary and expressions for your specific business